Monday, March 5, 2012

One Last Chance

It was a tough loss in the conference tourney. We didn't make it near as far as I thought that we would. Hats off to Oklahoma Christian they came ready to play and down the stretch they did what it took to win the game. They won the SAC Championship. One last chance for Rogers State to show their talents in Kansas City. We are going to prepare hard this week for the NAIA Tourney. We have some things we really need to improve on before we can make any type of run. Its sad and it hurts but at the end of the day we are the only ones to blame. No one individual is to blame, it is everyone as a whole group. We win as a team - we lose as a team.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


conference tourney play starts tomorrow! the lady hillcats play at 10:45am and the men hillcats play at 4:30pm. its going to be a tough raod to a confernece championship but nothing we cant handle. we will give it our best and play our best and bring a conference championship rogers state university!

after we finish conference we have the national tourney march 15-21. its truly a blessing to have the oppurtunity to be one of the top teams in the country and get a chance to prove to the whole country who is the best team. we worked hard all year and this is what we worked for and will continue to play hard and get better because we want to bring a national championship to rogers state and we will by doing our best and believing and having faith in god.

!!!!! WORDS OF WISDOM !!!!!
anything is possible through christ jesus who strengthens me!

Hillcat Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st of all the women and men hillcats would like to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillcat nation is truly one of a kind and we appreciate all of our fans who continued to come to the games and support your hillcats through the good times and bad, hard wins, and tough loses. No matter what you were right there supporting us and we truly and greatly appreciate that and you. Its really hard to find loyal fans who will stick by a team no matter what and this is truly a special place because of our special fans. everyday and night we come to play to please and satisfy you our fans. when we do good our fans are happy, the team is happy, and coach is happy. great teams have a great support system and we thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to support us. we would like to also thank the fans who travel with us on raod games. We know that it isnt easy because to travel with the price of gas and busy schedules but you find a way to come with us and support us and we thank you for that. Hillcat nation is truly a blessed and special place and we will continue to play hard for each and every one of our fans,

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!


The season is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seemed at the beginning of the year the season wouldnt come fast enough. During the season it seemed it was going by slow. Now we look back and say where did it all go!!!!! It was a great year this year for the women and men hillcats. we didnt finish the season how we would have wanted but at the end of the day we cant complain. we finished #10 in the country, 22-7, 15-7 in conference so we are very grateful. we have a #2 seed in the confernece tourney and guaranteed a spot in the national tourney so god is truly good no matter how you look at it. coach raised the bar from last years team and i truly believe that we surpassed it and now the bar is raised even higher for nextyears team!

!!!!! WORDS OF WISDOM !!!!!
The good lord will never put more on your plate than you can handle. Just think . . . . . if it was to much or you couldnt handle it god wouldnt allow you to go through it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

awesome win

MACU came into the expo on saturday night ready to play. The Hillcats came into the expo ready to beat the life out of macu and leave no doubt who the best team is, and thats just what we did! it started off with the lady hillcats defeating macu by almost 30pts. they played an outstanding game and played together very well. If they keep this up they will go into the conference tourney playing very well!

From the tip of the game we gained control and maintained control. a really good team finishes off his opponent when his opponent is down, leave no room for error, and gives it their all for the entire 40mins. Thats just what we did saturday night. we imposed our will rather they liked it or not. Shorter had a good first half scoring 23 points and was literally unstoppable in the first half. in the second half all of that came to an end holding him to only 4 pts the entire half. Now MACU is a good team. they just beat john brown by 30pts that thursday and just came from texas where they swept and beat both lubbock and wayland. so they was feeling pretty good until they came rogers.

I really liked our team chemistry and how we played with one another, didnt force a lot of plays how we tend to do some times, and we had fun doing it. when you enjoy what you're doing it makes doing it so much easier and exciting. these are the kind of things that we need to grow on entering the conference tourney and the national tourney.

!!!!! WORDS OF WISDOM !!!!!
Fear no man but god! meaning no matter what you go through in life whether its at home, on the job, in the community, at church, at school, or wherever keep god first because he will always protect you. never let anyone or anything stop what god has setup for you because whatever he has for you, its for YOU! your family! your team! your life!

good game! fell short!

We came out with intensity, fire, and a sense of urgency against oklahoma city. We played a very tough and intense game which we should have one but unfortunately we didnt. it all came down to the last few seconds of the game and we basically shot ourselves in the foot. OKC got a foul and the basket counted and he made the free throw. But we still have a shot to at least tie the game with a 2 point basket and kendrell drove the lave and the ball rolled off the rim. Some say a foul should have been called but the ref's saw something different and game over. No one person is to blame for the loss. we all could have done some things different to change the outcome of the game but sadly we can't go back in time to play it again. im proud of our teams effort and we will build off of our hard work and work harder.

!!!!! WORDS OF WISDOM !!!!!
Two things you can control, your EFFORT and your ATTITUDE.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tough lost!!!!!

WE lost ourselves the game! we started the game strong and as the game progressed we began to get relaxed and thats what hurt us the most. well that and the fact that richey scored a game high 35 points and 100% from the free throw line against us. containing richey was a key factor in the game and was something we didnt do a good enough job of. we learned a valuable lesson that game and the was never under estimate anybody because we are all basketball players and at the end of the day anybody can beat any given team.

it was a tough lost on monday evening for the hillcats! we started the game on a good note but ended it horribly! most of all it was a mental game then a physical one and meantally we broke down in several fifferent areas. hats off to st. gregory for coming out ready to play. it was a game we should have one but at the end of the day we learned a very important lesson. most of all it has brought us closer together as a team and we will continue to improve and get better. the worse thing a team can do is began to point fingers and hold your head down but instead we acknowledged the problem and will fix. we are holding our heads up high and walking proud because at the end of the day we are still one of the best teams in the country and still in 2nd place in the conference.

!!!!! WORDS OF WISDOM !!!!!
Everything happens for a reason! winning , losing, it all happens in preparation for what god has planned for you/us in the future. " Life is the best teacher, unfortunately it forces you to learn the hard way". Sometimes the hard way is the best way to learn because it forces you to not want to experience that again.

We like to thank all of our fans for continuing to support your hillcats through the good times and bad. we greatly appreciate it and we love all of our fans and will continue to get better and play better for you and ourselves.